New rain boots


Although I have some correcting to do and some preparing for the rest of this week’s lessons, for all intents and purposes, I have the day off. Which unfortunately makes tomorrow extra busy and a little bit stressful, but once Wednesday is over, it’s all downhill from there into the weekend. It’s sunny and warm (64ºF) and if it weren’t for the wind, I wouldn’t need a sweater. Life is good.

I did end up buying a pair of those rain boots – the awesome yellow-and-blue-and-white striped ones I told you were my favorites! Right after publishing that post, I headed on over to Zalando and ordered myself a pair. It was the first time I’d bought shoes online before (and I was a little bit nervous because I tend to be picky about the fit of shoes!) but it turns out it’s hard to go wrong with rubber boots. I received them a few days later (such quick shipping!) and was so excited to try them on that I wore them around with my pajamas before going to bed that night! I love my new boots and now all I need is for it to rain a bit so I can really show them off!

Just look at how excited I am!


Now I think I’m going to use my extra free time to do some laundry, possibly make some banana bread and do this month’s task for the One Little Word class.


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