We had quite a fun weekend!

It was the annual Altonale street festival in our neighborhood. (I seriously can’t believe it’s already that time of year again!) The festival itself lasted two weeks long, with lots of cultural events and performances, music, street vendors, barbecue, flea markets, and lots of alcohol. But the majority of it happened this weekend, so we made sure to take advantage of all the fun.

Here’s some shots from Saturday at the flea market. We didn’t actually buy anything, and it was so crowded that it was more stressful than anything else, actually! But we had been to our favorite flea market in Bahrenfeld that morning already. Cheaper there anyway! Still fun to look, though!



(This stand looks like it has a lot to handle. // Die haben es da alles im Griff!) (TWO puns, booyah!) (I’m a dork!)


We got some free lemonades from the Mercedes stand. (P.S. Those are Tobi’s shoes in the top corner of this pic!)


Then we headed over to the field next to our church, which is always set up as a “Mittelaltermarkt” – renaissance-festival style. We watched a guy shoot some arrows at a target.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Altonale without a rain shower. We ducked under a tent to take cover and watched people run by with and without umbrellas. When the rain let up a bit, we ran a bit further down the street and met Tobi’s friend Jens in a coffee shop. His friend Merlin from Melbourne was there. Lots of people were just standing around because there weren’t enough seats, but everyone wanted to stay out of the rain. I had a hard time focusing on the German conversation because there was a group of Americans sharing our table.


We also stopped by our neighbor friend’s atelier to see his newest pieces of art. Johannes is a rather fantastic painter, and it’s always nice to see his new stuff.

Then it was back home for a nap, as I was feeling exhausted, and then we went back to Christianskirche to see the 6th annual StopKlock Poetry Slam. I sat next to Johannes and Ariane, who was a member of the jury, while Tobi sat with other friends on the side. Seating was hard to come by, and we had to squeeze into the pews – the church was packed! Both Ariane and I had a bit of trouble understanding some texts, but we enjoyed it.

Sunday morning, Tobi and I went to the fish market. We did our shopping for the Tatort dinner we hosted on Sunday night, and we ate breakfast there by the water. It was crazy and chaotic as always, but fun.

Because we always buy things in such large quantities at the fish market, we have to deal with the food fast or risk it going bad. There’s something really nice about the work of washing, chopping, and freezing fruits and vegetables for later. A way to slow down and relax on a Sunday.

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