Happiness Friday


Welcome to this week’s edition of Happiness Friday! This is the place I jot down the things that have put a smile on my face in the last week. Feel free to play along in the comments and share something that’s made you happy!



We finally got some really hot summer temperatures! I am so thankful for that. Even if I spent too much time out in the sun and got a sunburn yesterday. Oops. Each time I realized I was hot and sweaty, I embraced the heat and the sweat. I’ve been dying for some real summer, and I’ve finally got it! For now, at least. So I will savor it while it lasts. And eat lots of ice cream to cool down. Except the temperatures have already started to go back down! Oh well!


We didn’t have breakfast in the house on Thursday so Tobi and I went to the train station to get some on my way to work. Since I had some extra time to kill, we stood and watched some motorcycle riders unload their bikes from the Autozug. Seems the Harley Days are in town, starting today.

I also got to have coffee with Steven, another blogger friend I met at WEBMU, who was in town for a concert. It was fun to catch up!

On Thursday, I got to work 45 minutes early so I decided to walk from the metro station to the company, instead of waiting for the bus. It was really lovely and some good exercise!


I ordered this t-shirt/cd bundle, mostly because of the t-shirt, but I have a few of Jillette Johnson’s songs already and I like her stuff.


Friends came over for a barbecue in our backyard on Wednesday. I organized it and sent out this cute little invitation by email, which was fun to throw together. We had a lovely time and the weather was perfect up until the end, around 10, when a big thunderstorm rolled in. We hastily packed things together and went upstairs just in the nick of time!


Last but not least, we discovered this oak tree growing in our planter box on our balcony. Fancy that! No oak trees in the backyard as far as I could tell, so we’re not sure where he came from, but we may see if we can transplant it and get it to grow!

What brought some happiness to your week?


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