Tobi cooks


We hosted Tatort dinner at our place last Sunday, and Tobi made these awesome “sushi” wraps with crêpes and various fillings.

He colored the green crêpes with rucola (blended up, then added to the batter) and the orange ones with roasted paprika he had brought back from Israel. The fillings included a random mixture of asparagus, salmon, mango, roast beef, carrots, ham, prosciutto, cheese, and hollandaise sauce. Mmmmmmm! He cooked things ahead of time and let it cool down so it was a nice, summery meal. And he made three different dips to go with it. One green dip with rucola, peanuts, and passion fruit. One red dip with plums, soy sauce, and chili. One white one with horseradish, oranges, lime, honey, and saffron.


This experiment turned out rather nicely and it was a big hit with our friends!

For dessert we had strawberries and cream with a bit of passion fruit on top. (I’m the one who cut up all the strawberries!)


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