Busy 4th

It’s been a long, busy day at work, but I didn’t want the holiday to pass by without giving it a shout-out on my blog!

I reread what I wrote last year about my feelings of American patriotism while living in another country, and I am reminded again of why I blog.

It’s such an important outlet for me to be able to write about my life. It helps me process things. Above all, though, it helps me remember good memories I otherwise might have forgotten. Even just one year later, I didn’t remember that Tobi had made me that yogurt snack that looked like the American flag. Looking back on that post made me smile.


This week has been extremely busy, and Tobi was away for his uncle’s funeral in southern Germany. I unfortunately couldn’t take time off work because of new classes starting and my impending three-week vacation, so he went alone. I’m looking forward to seeing him again tonight and to be able to spend the weekend with him. The last time I saw him was on Monday morning. I haven’t been sleeping very well, so I’m exhausted. I’m really looking forward to the chance to relax a little this weekend.

In honor of today’s holiday, I did at least make sure to wear red, white & blue today. I wore my blue and white polka-dotted dress (from Easter) and a red bracelet. And I painted my toenails last weekend, too, and they’re color-appropriate for today. My boss said they look snazzy!  : )

And, as I said last year, now I’m off to watch the fireworks — on my video from 2010!


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