Friends visiting


Shannon, a friend from college, and her fiancé are here visiting Hamburg. They live in Berlin, and Shannon used to live here and wanted to pop back over for a long weekend. They’re staying at my place, and we have a nice weekend planned.


Yesterday evening, we headed over to Planten un Blomen, a big park in the middle of the city, to watch the water & light concert. They do it every day in the summertime. It was a half an hour long and was accompanied by classical music. It was pretty great!

The only thing was that it was quite nippy outside last night after the sun went down. I had the most layers on of any of us, but I was still cold. Ahh, Hamburg in the summer. No, wait – “summer”.


Unfortunately, I noticed yesterday that someone had stolen Tobi’s bike from our backyard. Somehow someone must have got in even through the locked door. I’m not sure if any other bikes are gone, but his was a nice one. Damn. It’s really so frustrating and it feels so violating somehow that it happened right here in our backyard.

Today we are planning on going to our favorite flea market (although Tobias is in Paris right now for work and I don’t know what I will do without his master haggling skills!) this morning, and in the afternoon, we’d like to spend some time on the beach at the Elbe. Tomorrow we’ll go to the fish market. It’s shaping up to be a fantastic weekend!

Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!


2 thoughts on “Friends visiting

    • It sure does. I remember Ian also got his bike stolen (or one of his family members’ bikes). In the future, I think we will make sure the bike is actually locked TO something – the bike rack, for example. Because just locking the wheel to the frame doesn’t prevent people from picking it up, taking it, and dealing with the lock later.

      And thanks! I’m glad you like the new design, too! I’m having fun with it.

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