Loving being home

It’s so relaxing being home with my family. Speaking English, yet not having to correct people constantly. Striking up short, friendly conversations with strangers. Eating lots of fast food and drinking way more sodas than I’ve drunk in the whole last year. The true American experience.

Family Vacation


We spent the first week at the beach in Ocean City, MD. The place where my family has vacationed every year since I was two. Almost 25 years.

It was relaxing. It wasn’t too hot. (A little disappointing, though, since I was expecting more HEAT here!) We had several gorgeous days out on the beach. One day of rain, during which we went outlet shopping and just hung out at home.


One of the highlights was definitely watching Abby ride the rides. She’s still a bit too small for a lot of them, but she seemed to enjoy herself on most of the ones she could ride!


Unfortunately, this past week has brought on some difficulties as I went through my second miscarriage at 9 weeks. (Though it’s most likely the baby’s heart stopped beating a week or two before that.) I do expect my emotions will go up and down a lot in the coming months, but I am feeling an overall sense of peace and calm. Maybe it helps being around my family this time. Maybe it helps that it wasn’t as much of a surprise this time.

Tonight, we go pick up Tobi at the airport. I’m so very excited to see him. He left almost a week before I did, so I haven’t seen him in like…just under 3 weeks. It will be nice to have my husband and my family in the same place, since that doesn’t happen very often.

Vacation is awesome. I’m so thankful to be here, and I’m still at that halfway point where I have enough time left that I’m not yet sad about having to leave again soon. Just time to enjoy being here, in the midst of so many people I love and miss.

Life is good.


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