New laptop & sleeve

Because I carry my computer around a lot for work, I decided to switch out my MacBook Pro (15″) for a MacBook Air (13″). I’ve been really pleased with it so far — it doesn’t really feel much smaller than the 15″ screen, and ohmygod it’s so much lighter! Definitely much more portable.

The only problem was that I ordered it on Amazon (it was a little bit cheaper) but something ended up being wrong with the logic board (Applespeak for motherboard) and it stopped working after less than 2 hours of using it. It was covered under warranty, and it only took a few days for Apple to repair it. While I was away at the beach, I didn’t miss it too much anyway. However, if I’d ordered it from Apple directly, they would’ve just given me a new laptop right away! So I think next time I’ll buy it straight from the source. Shelling out a few more dollars would have saved me some headache. It’s just luck of the draw, anyway. As my brother said, there could have been no problems with it, and I saved that extra money. But mine had problems.

They replaced everything that needed replacing and ended up with an essentially new machine.

Because this one’s smaller than my MacBook Pro, I had to get a new case for it. I looked around for neoprene sleeves but couldn’t really find one I liked. So then I got the idea to look for customizable cases and I found the mother lode of customization: Zazzle.

And here, I was able to make my own laptop sleeve. I decided to just upload a picture, but it’s also possible to write text on it too. I just got it in the mail today (really quick delivery!!) and I’m really pleased with the print quality! It looks great, and it’s officially the very first wedding photo I’ve had printed, minus our thank-you cards. Haha! So now every time I take my computer out of my bag, I’ll smile as I remember my wedding day.



5 thoughts on “New laptop & sleeve

  1. That’s a cool idea with the neoprene sleeve. I’ve stopped using a sleeve for mine because it almost never leaves the house. And when it does, it’s usually in a bag with a padded laptop section…

    I thought about going to an Air a while back, but there are a few problems I have with that model. Not enough USB ports, for one, and there’s no Air with enough hard drive space to replace my other machine. I’m glad you like it though.

    • Yeah. My backpack doesn’t have a laptop section so I definitely need the sleeve. I do like the Air! It does have less memory than my last one, but I don’t think it will be a big problem. Apparently you can customize it to get more memory for an additional fee, of course.

      • I think this sort of thing all depends on use pattern. The biggest hard drive you can get in an Air is 512 Gig. I would fill that up in 90 seconds. I have a 750 Gig drive on my Macbook and I routinely only have 20-30 gig free.

        It’s moot- the next time I buy a machine, it’ll be a desktop, not a laptop. My usage pattern requires significantly more processing muscle than any laptop will give me. I’m tired of fighting with the laptop all the time.

        I’m holding out for this one:


        • Wow! That sure does look different!! My sister-in-law just showed me the new iOS they’re coming out with – looks very cartoony. Not sure if I’m a fan. But yeah, it sounds like a desktop is more your thing. You sure do use a LOT of memory! Is it for gaming?

          • I’m not a gamer, but I use my computer in ways that make my laptop scream. I always have a bunch of stuff running at once. I use a lot of power processing photos, music, and the like.

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