Shop ’til you drop!


We came over with pretty empty suitcases because we knew we’d be doing a lot of shopping here. It’s fun to have a different selection of clothes and things. I used RetailMeNot to get a few coupons before we shopped, and there are lots of sales going on right now in general, so I’ve scored some pretty good deals. Tobi too. Remember last time we went to the States? Tobi came back with 8 pairs of shoes. Hah. We still have another full week, and he’s already got 5 pairs. I’m excited to see what the final count will be.

I’m a little burned out with shopping now, though. I’ve shopped every day for the past 3 days! I got the necklace above from delia’s – SO not my age group anymore, hah! But I had a coupon, which I didn’t use because I didn’t like anything there, but I liked the necklace. I was excited to go to other stores like Yankee Candle and Forever 21.

We do have to go shopping again, though, at least for groceries. Tomorrow is the open house party at my place so that I can see as many friends as possible during my short time here. So we’ll go later today and pick up some stuff to have for the party. And maybe to the thrift store before picking up my mom from work, but I went there already on Tuesday and was really disappointed at how expensive they’ve gotten! I kept thinking to myself, “Are you serious!?” as I browsed through the racks. They’ve changed a lot.

It’s been fun shopping, though! But I may have to put myself on a no-buy shopping hiatus when I get back to Germany! Ha!


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