Practice packing


As a frequent traveler, I’ve become a pro at packing a suitcase. Especially when it comes to cross-country moves. Though I’m not really moving back to Hamburg, with the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated in these past 3 weeks, it sure feels like it. Rolling, layering, filling up corners, plastic ziplock bags with the air squished out. It’s become second nature, and it’s incredibly gratifying for my OCD organizational side.

My good friend Peter has a policy of “practice packing” before traveling, which he always makes sure to do a week to a few days before the date of the flight, just to make sure everything fits and weighs right, and things that are nonessential don’t creep their way into the bag.

I started practice packing this morning because I know that once Tobias gets home this evening, there will be limited space in my childhood bedroom. He’ll have his own suitcases to fill, and if my stuff is mostly out of the way, it will make it easier. But seriously – where has the time gone? How can it already be time to pack our bags and move on home?

It’s always bittersweet. My aunt stopped by today and I was glad to get the chance to give her another hug before I go. She told me to have a safe trip home, and then said, “Well, your home is really here. But you know what I mean.” Boy, do I ever. She touched on exactly the same point I mentioned a few days ago. Home. Where’s that again?


As I pack, I imagine myself unpacking it back at my home in Hamburg. Will TSA have looked through my bag and messed up my beautiful packing job? How much laundry will I have to do (and how much longer will it take without a dryer!?)? Where will I put all these things? I wonder what the weather will be like when I’m back and how long it will take until it’s time to wear my new boots. Are my fishies still alive and well?

Weekend plans

Tonight I pick up Tobi from NYC. He’s taking the bus down to Union Station and we’re going to have dinner with Peter before leaving DC. I’m going to go in a little early and see Peter right after he gets off work, and then we’ll head over and pick Tobi up. We’re going to the Old Ebbitt Grill – a place we used to hang out a lot after getting off the late shift when Peter and I worked at Sofitel.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend the day in Winchester, VA.. My Gram moved out there and we’ll get to see my dad’s side of the family.

For now, I’m really looking forward to kissing my husband again tonight!


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