Goals for this week


Hah, I realize my last post sounds a little bit flat. I’m all right, really! Probably more jet-lagged than I thought.

Ever get that feeling of being lost that first day being back home after a long absence? I’ve started unpacking, but we’ll need to get creative as far as finding places to put things. (Remember all those shoes from the previous post?)

Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the big picture, I break everything down into smaller chunks. So here are my goals and plans for this week:

1. Unpack EVERYTHING! and get suitcases upstairs to the attic

2. Work! (And get everything prepped for this week!)

3. Doctor’s appointment

4. Drink tea

5. Back up data from MacBook Pro

6. Wedding (one of Tobi’s orchestra friends)

7. Travel on Sunday for a friend’s ordination

8. Go to bed early…and beat jet lag!

P.S. Can I just say how much I love that my new watch has roman numerals on it!? Got it at Target!

2 thoughts on “Goals for this week

  1. I always feel lost when I come back after a few weeks away. It’s like everything should have changed… but it hasn’t. Then I have to go back to work and I’m convinced I won’t remember what I’m supposed to do…

    Welcome back! Good luck with unpacking (I haaate unpacking!).

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