From the States

Before I lose track of things (like I did with blogging about my wedding…hah…) I wanted to share a few of the lovely experiences I had while back home in the States!


While Tobias was home, we went out one day to the Annapolis mall to do some shopping. We got up early to drive my mom to work so we could use her car, and so we got to the mall an hour before all the stores opened. Luckily, the doors were open for all the mall walkers — people who walk around the mall in the mornings for exercise (how very American!) — and we meandered over to the Starbucks to treat ourselves to some coffee while we waited.


Sitting there on that quiet morning was one of the best moments I had alone with my husband in weeks. We talked about life, cultural differences, and our impressions of various things during our stay. It was nice to slow down a bit for a chat, and it felt very much like a date.


All Decked Out for Lunch

Another day, we had lunch outside on my parents’ deck. They’ve fixed it up really nicely and this was one of the few times I actually got any use of the outside deck while we were there. Pity, really, because it’s such a gorgeous space! But not many of my family members seemed to be all that interested in hanging around outside. Except Tobi — so we had our lunch outside.



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