Kids sure do love nutella!

(And adults, too! I’ve enjoyed having it on my daily Brötchen in the mornings this past week!)


Kids love nutella – and Abby is no exception. One night as a snack, my mom gave her some nutella on toast. It almost goes without saying that she pretty much just licked the nutella off of it and left the toast. It’s to be expected when chocolate is a major part of the mealtime.

The best part of this whole thing was that my mom brought out a mirror so Abby could see herself. With nutella all over her face, she took one look in the mirror and proclaimed loudly, “PUPPY!!!!!”


Leave it to kids. She looked at that face and saw a puppy, where we just looked at it and saw a mess. An adorable mess, but a sticky, chocolatey mess nonetheless. And that is why I love hanging out with kids: they’ve got such great imaginations, and they see the beauty in even sticky situations.


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