This week’s favorites

This week was long and I worked a lot. I certainly wouldn’t complain if the weekend magically got one day longer…Universe, are you listening? No? Okay. At least I got one day to sleep in.

Still loving my golden shoes!

Just popping to share some of my favorite links from around the web this week. Have a lovely weekend!

Good Reads

My new favorite expat blog – Lehrer Werkstatt. I’ve loved every single post since I discovered this blog! Kathleen works as a teacher at an international school in Germany. She’s a phenomenal writer, and her stories from school and life in Germany really strike a chord with me!

I knew it: goldfish don’t get enough credit. Their memory is better than most people think. This article proves it: “Goldfish are Music Connoisseurs”.

Good laughs

This poor cat made me laugh. My parents’ cat, Mollie, got the same done to her when I was home.


“When a man is in charge” – food labeling gone hilariously wrong.

Good stuff

Paul Ferney (husband of Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day) is doing another Commission Project. His paintings are really good! What a cool holiday gift it could be!

In other news…

I’m now a member of the Expats Blog! I’m so honored to be included!


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