Rainy, gray


I’ve got my Spiced Pumpkin candle burning, a scarf around my neck, and a cup of hot tea in my hands. Life is good. Fall is here.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I feel pretty sluggish today. Luckily, and this is the last week it’s this way before I start up new classes, I have most of the day off. One class this afternoon at 4, and that’s all.

I’m glad. Yesterday I ran around a lot for work, wearing my trusty rain boots and carrying my new Target umbrella. While these both did a lot to keep me warm and dry in the rain, there’s something wonderful about getting home and cuddling up under a warm blanket. So I’m taking advantage of the weather and my wide open schedule and have decided to spend as much time as possible on the couch. I know. Not the most productive use of my time, but sometimes you just need a break. Right?


Also, today is my little brother’s birthday – he’s 25, a father, a homeowner, and not so little anymore. Goodness. Where does the time go?

Happy birthday, Jon. Much love to you!


4 thoughts on “Rainy, gray

  1. It’s sunny here! Cold in the mornings, but still around 25°C during the day. And it’s supposed to get up to 30°C on Friday.
    The spiced pumpkin candle sounds good though.

    • Some blue sky has actually just popped out over here! :) But it’s only 18ºC right now. The end of the week, we’ll have some temps up in the mid-20s and sun again, so summer isn’t quite gone yet. Looking forward to the sun and warmer temps and we hope to get outside this weekend for some hiking!

      As far as I’m concerned, it’s fall as soon as September hits, no matter the temperature!

  2. I had hope over the weekend that we might have a nice, warm September, but I only got to get the shorts out for one day. I saw the same pumpkin Yankee Candle in Karstadt last week and was sorely tempted… right now I’m waiting on Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte mix to arrive from the States! Then it’s game on, fall. :)

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