It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks! Full of making homemade ice cream (well, that’s more Tobi’s doing), work, and sleep.


We went on a hiking trip last weekend (more to come on that later when I have a moment to breathe!) and I finally took the initiative to make a photobook of our trip. I spent all my time in my breaks yesterday working on it and am proud to say that I finished it in just one day! I found a coupon code for 15€ off (via gutscheinpony.de) and ordered it right away. It feels good to have projects like that completed so quickly! I still haven’t made photobooks from our wedding or honeymoon yet, and I want to do that so badly before so much time goes by that I never end up making it. Because having books like that to look back on is so precious.


I’m looking forward to a little more relaxing this weekend. For now, though, I’m headed back to work. Four more classes until the weekend…two today, two tomorrow, and I’m done. Whew.

Anyone else working a lot more at the moment? Been on any weekend trips? Made any photobooks, or still procrastinating on one?

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