Oxfam & kids’ toys

On Fridays after class, I like to go to the Oxfam shop that’s nearby the neighborhood I work in. It’s a thrift store that sells mostly clothes and books, but what I like about this one is that they also have things like dishes and picture frames and they have a small section of toys and other random objects. A few weeks ago, I picked up a box of colorful wooden blocks and some delightfully illustrated children’s books. Last week, I bought a magnetic mini travel game of Chutes & Ladders.

Today, I found the most awesome thing ever. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it and bought it. A gut purchase. No thinking necessary, because I knew I’d found something AWESOME. I texted Tobias and told him I’d gotten the BEST THING EVER at Oxfam. You know, some excitement-building foreshadowing. He was certainly intrigued.

I got home, and made him guess what kind of item I’d bought, and he guessed correctly that it was some sort of toy.

Meet my new favorite toy, the Dackel*!

I guess sometimes, I’m still a kid at heart. And now, as an adult who hopes to have kids of her own soon, I’m a total sucker for beautiful toys. And for 1.50€, it was a total steal!

So I will collect my toys, and one day I will finally have a pregnancy go to term. And until that happens, I will have fun playing with them myself. I promise to share when real kids come over.

*Dackel is the German word for dachshund, which is quite funny, since dachshund is actually a German word that means “badger hound”. Apparently this breed was developed to help hunt badger! And the German word for pug? Mops!


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