The prettiest bunch of tomatoes

Yesterday, I had some time between two classes and decided to walk down the street market down at Isestraße, located right underneath the U-Bahn stop at Hoheluftbrücke. It’s a lovely market, with so many pretty things to see.


I bought some blueberries and I also picked up this basket of mixed tomatoes. I’d never seen such a beautiful mix of tomatoes before! They were so colorful, I just had to take them home!


We then made a delicious tomato and avocado salad, and with it we had the last of our pumpkin & fennel soup we’d cooked a few nights before. A healthy and satisfying lunch for a sunny Friday.


My favorites were the green one and the small yellow ones! Tobias really liked the small red ones.


3 thoughts on “The prettiest bunch of tomatoes

  1. I bought the same tomatoes yesterday! First stand starting at Hoheluft right? So gorgeous! I thought the purplish red were the tastiest.

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