USA Trip: Open House

Still catching up on posts from my trip to the States…here’s the next one!

It was my mom’s idea to have an open house party so that I could see as many friends as possible. It worked out really well – I had put out an event on facebook from 10am-10pm, and it pretty much lasted all day!



Malorie and her adorable daughter Adelaide came first. It was sweet watching Addie and Abby interact – Addie’s only 15 months old, while Abby is 22 months old, so it wasn’t surprising that Abby was a little more outgoing and loud than Mal’s daughter. It was really sweet to finally meet her!



Lots of friends came! I got to see a lot of people, and it was nice that everyone got to stop by.













At the end of the evening, those of us who were left played my new favorite game – it’s a three-round mash-up between taboo and charades. Very fun! We got so excited about it that Jaimie had to come up once and ask us to be a little quieter, since Abby had gone to bed. HA! So you could tell we were really having a fun time!

I’ll definitely continue the open house tradition next time! It was great!


2 thoughts on “USA Trip: Open House

  1. That’s a great idea! I’m stealing it for when I’m in town next with my family. It makes it a lot easier to see everyone – when you haven’t for so long.

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