Abby’s “big pool”

Still catching up on posts from my trip to the States…here’s the next one!


Abby calls pretty much every body of water the “big pool”. That’s what she called the ocean, that’s what she called the swimming pool, and that’s also what she called this little kiddie pool. On the day of our open house, I borrowed Tobi’s camera and stepped outside for a few minutes to watch Abby play in her “big pool”. She was so excited and was really loving it!


No splashing rules here, girl! Splash away to your heart’s content!


I love these pictures. It’s the quintessential summer experience, playing outside in the yard with a hose and a tub of water. Life is good.


I’m sure she’ll look back on these pictures one day and reminisce about how awesome childhood was, especially in the summertime.

Does anyone else have fond childhood memories of playing outside? For me, running through the sprinkler was the best thing ever! And the taste of water from a garden hose is oh so refreshing on a hot summer’s day!


2 thoughts on “Abby’s “big pool”

  1. Such gorgeous photos.

    I grew up in Australia in the time of extreme drought. As such you could only use your hose on certain days and I remember being very excited when it was our day to use the hose so I could play in the sprinker whilst it was watering our dying grass.

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