Goodwill with my bestie!

Still catching up on posts from my trip to the States…here’s the next one!

While I was in the US, I had done some thrift shopping at my former favorite thrift store, Village Thrift (in Clinton, MD). But as I mentioned here, I was pretty disappointed with the high prices of the items there.


My last week home, Laura and I met up in Odenton and headed over to Goodwill. The first day we met back at Hood College during a freshman orientation icebreaker, I’d complimented her on her shirt. She thanked me, and responded that she’d gotten it at a thrift store. And we instantly bonded over our love for thrift shopping, and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

So it was only natural that we’d choose to visit a thrift store together. And it was SO much fun. We felt exhilarated and inspired by each other’s presence–each of us feels like the other is the thrift store QUEEN!–and we piled up our cart with item after item, exchanging funny comments about various things on the racks. You never know what you’ll find in a thrift shop! And, to top it off, Goodwill’s prices seemed MUCH more reasonable than Village Thrift’s! I now have a new favorite!


We went into a dressing room and ended up putting 90% of our finds back, but we walked out of the store with quite a few good finds! Like my gold shoes (a.k.a. my new favorites!) and a pair of Nike sweatpants that say “Team USA” on them–I couldn’t resist!


I also got this t-shirt, which I thought was interesting, and would be quite a talking point in Germany. Americans aren’t exactly known for being environmentally friendly, and I think that when you first see this t-shirt, it seems like a joke.


But if you think about it in a different way, you could take it to mean that we should make clean energy American. I did notice a wind turbine on the way down to Ocean City, and I saw a lot of solar panels on houses during my stay in the US. Maybe one day, just like “Made in Germany” is associated with quality, “American” could be linked to clean energy. We’re a long way off, but I like the idea. And that’s why I bought the shirt in the end.

Anyway, we had fun and we were glad to have found some pretty awesome things together!

Afterward, we had dinner at Red Robin and just chatted about life, catching up on things.


It was so good, and just like old times. I’m so glad that our friendship is still going strong, even though we only see each other in person once a year.


Laura, if you’re reading this…you rock!


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