That’s one big-ass gummy bear!

Still catching up on posts from my trip to the States…here’s the next one!

My best friend Peter and I met up in Waldorf to have dinner at a local, family-owned Middle Eastern restaurant called Silver Skewers. Peter had already arrived at the restaurant when I texted him frantically from my phone, saying that I couldn’t find the restaurant, and could he come pick me up at a nearby gas station.


I’d looked up directions online and was pretty sure I knew where to go, but my bad sense of direction wins every time. Luckily, Peter found me and I then followed him over to the restaurant.

We had lamb kebabs and they were so very delicious, and they had bread and dip for us too that was just amazing. We had great conversation and weren’t quite ready to call it a night when the restaurant started closing up, so we paid and drove over to Books A Million to wander around. We’ve often done this together, just wandering around a bookstore. That’s where he got me my pretty bag as a present (thanks again, Peter!). We found this HUGE gummy bear, and when he picked it up for this picture, he said it felt like it weighed ten pounds!



The gummy bear may have originated in Germany, but leave it to the United States to make it BIGGER!


I showed this picture to some students and one of them said, “That’s perfect if you want only one gummy bear to eat for the next 10 years!”



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