Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Still catching up on posts from my trip to the States…here’s the next one!

The last weekend we were in the States, we visited my Dad’s side of the family in Virginia / West Virginia.

My Gram had moved to a retirement community in Virginia last year, but Tobi and I hadn’t seen it yet, so we all drove down on a Saturday to visit her there and see her new digs. It was so great to see her, especially since the last time we saw her was in her old house two Christmases ago. She gave us the tour of her apartment and of the retirement complex. I told her it felt like an upscale college campus!

Then my aunt Carolyn and her son Josh met us there and we followed them over to my aunt’s and uncle’s cabin in West Virginia. It was up a windy dirt road with lots of turns along the way – hard to know which way to go!


Isn’t it just gorgeous? I wouldn’t mind retiring in a house like this, either!


Uncle Tom and Aunt Lin greeted us there, and there were a few other family members there. Their daughter (my cousin) Jen was there with her new boyfriend, Oliver, who is originally from Hamburg!! What are the odds?! Tobias and Oliver enjoyed speaking some German together. We hung out on the deck and just chatted the whole time, eating some tasty food and drinking beer and apple cider. Abby enjoyed playing with Josh’s daughter, Anna.


Uncle Tom is so good with the kids–he was giving them “money” to go into the “shop” and buy him certain things, like green shoes, for example. They kept running back and forth for him. Haha I remember having a lot of fun with him when I was a kid, too.


Dad, Aunt Lin, and Oliver


Gram liked the necklace we brought her back from our honeymoon in Bali


Uncle Tom has taken up woodworking in his retirement, and he’s gotten really quite good at it! He gave us a little tour of his shop:


He makes mostly bowls and vases, and he taught us a bit about the process of how to change a piece of wood into something beautiful. He even gave us a bowl he’d made to take home with us! So sweet!


There was a little cave in their backyard – so much nature everywhere! We did a little exploring before I chickened out. Wearing flip flops and a maxi skirt isn’t great for hiking in the woods.


We all had a lot of fun! Unfortunately, we got a flat tire on the way home, and it took us quite a while to get the spare tire out from underneath the car. So we got home a bit later than planned, but it was a nice trip nonetheless.

And that was our second-to-last day in the States. One more post to come about our last day, and I’m done playing catch-up!


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