Last day in the US: lunch at CalTort

Our last day was a Sunday, and since our flight didn’t leave until 11:23 p.m., we had the whole day to hang out with each other for one last time. So we went to church with the family in the morning, and then we all met up for lunch at California Tortilla in Bowie.

This is the place where Tobias fell in love with the Endorphin Rush hot sauce, years ago when he first visited me in the States the summer we started dating. So when we got there, he was excited to try some more sauces from the wall of hot sauce. They’ve changed it up a bit since the last time I was there (including rebranding quite a bit to make things seem healthier!) and now the Endorphin Rush is listed as a 10+ instead of a 10.

My cousins, Liz and James, met us there, too. It was nice to see them one last time as well. We had a nice lunch!





And Abby did this cute dance:


Out in the parking lot, Liz and I continued our tradition of taking pictures of ourselves making crazy faces.


And one nice photo, too.


Time to say goodbye

We had dinner that evening at home and Tobi and I finished up packing. We said some teary goodbyes and my mom drove us to the airport, where we cried again as we said goodbye to my mom. And then I cried a lot in the plane on the way back. It never gets easier having to say goodbye, and this time it hit me really hard.

But it was such a wonderful trip and I’m so glad I was able to spend so much time with my family this summer!


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