Having fun with KitchenAid

Ever since we got back from the States, we’ve really been enjoying our newest KitchenAid attachments. We got the ice cream maker and the grain mill, and experimentation has already begun. (Though I must say, he hasn’t made any grain-based ice creams yet, wink wink!)

Because of weight limitations when traveling, we couldn’t pack the grain mill in our checked luggage. Having a big hunk of metal in our carry-on was a bit nerve-wracking, and on the way out of the US, they did want to run it through again, but it was all clear and we were able to bring it home with us.

Ever since, Tobi’s been into making his own grains and flour. We find our grains at Al Natura, a health food supermarket, and then grind the grains as fine as we need them depending on what we want to make. On a middle setting, it’s great for overnight oats – especially if you leave the grains soaking overnight in milk and/or water, they make a great mix with yogurt and a bit of fresh fruit.

Nothing like a homemade parfait to make breakfast feel like a gourmet meal!

Getting the ice cream attachment to work was a labor of love, that’s for sure. European-model KitchenAids have an added washer cup due to safety regulations, so our attachment didn’t fit right away. After a lot of struggling, we were finally able to remove the washer and voilà! It fits.

So to make up for all the time he spent trying to get it to work, he made 4 batches of ice cream and frozen yogurt right away. Two batches of grapefruit sorbet (which we spent forever peeling!), mango sorbet, and frozen yogurt.


It’s so much fun to be able to produce these things ourselves! I can totally understand the draw of growing your own vegetables, or raising chickens for eggs and so on. It’s a nice feeling being relatively self-sufficient and enjoying the fruits of your own labor. Look how proud he looks!



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