A Hamburg sunrise


As we inch towards autumn, the days have been getting darker. I’ve been able to see quite a few sunrises when waking up for work, instead of it already being light outside like it was during spring and summer.


Really dramatic ones, with strong yellows, reds, and pinks. These were all taken on different days over the past few weeks.


It’s beautiful. I love this view from our window, and I love that you can see Hamburg’s TV tower from our apartment. Still not as exciting as seeing the Eiffel Tower when I lived in Paris, but pretty darn close.


Soon, though, I won’t be seeing any sunrises at all from the comfort of my own apartment. For the majority of the year, I leave the house when it’s dark and come home in the dark as well. Of course, that also means either getting clothes out the night before, or getting dressed in the dark.


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