7 quirky things about me


We all have our quirks. And today I’m here to share mine. Not an exhaustive list, by all means, but these are the first that came to mind: 7 quirky things about me!

1. The only light in our bedroom is by my nightstand, so I am always the one to turn it off at night before we go to sleep. I like to reach over and put my hand on the switch, then look back at Tobi before switching off the light so that the last thing I see in the light is my sweet husband.

2. I have a nub in between my two front teeth that sometimes makes it feel like food is stuck in there, even when there isn’t any.

3. I’m a lot more afraid of spiders now than I used to be.


4. Whenever I twist-tie something (like a loaf of bread in a bag), I put the tie around it and then swing the bag around instead of the tie itself. (Do you know what I’m talking about!? If not, I may have to video this to show you what I mean!)

5. It’s hard for me to do work if my desk is messy. But sometimes, I use cleaning up my desk as a procrastination method to avoid doing work. Clever.

6. This happens a lot less now that I don’t speak French on a regular basis, but sometimes when I’m speaking German and can’t think of a word, a French word will come to mind before the English word.

7. I take a taxi four times a week, graciously paid for by my boss. After using the same company for about 3 years now, I’m almost even “friends” with the drivers. Except every single time, I still feel socially awkward while having small talk with them!


Now it’s your turn! If you’re brave enough, share your own quirks in the comments! I’d love to be quirky together!

2 thoughts on “7 quirky things about me

  1. Your #1 item is really really sweet. And I have the same problem with my brain inserting Spanish into my German phrases for some odd reason. Quirks… let’s see…

    1) I always sleep on the same side of the bed, even though I’ve been single for about three years now.

    2) Even though I don’t usually like interacting with children, I can’t help waving back whenever a small child waves at me. It’s a borderline reflex; it just happens.

    3) I’m terrible about locking my front door when I leave. Specifically, I remember to lock it, but then once I’m two steps away from it, I start questioning whether I locked it or not and sometimes I go back and check.

    4) There is always, always, *ALWAYS* music running in my mind. Always.

    5) I never leave the house without a pen in my pocket. I always have a pen with me. Although there are some small exceptions- for example, I don’t have a pen with me if I’m only wearing a swim suit.

    I had another one, but I can’t remember it right now. Hmph. Also, I just realized how much these quirks make me seem mildly mental. Oh well.

  2. Quirks — hmm, as Steven inferred, quirks, by definition, are weirdnesses that make us seem a little off-balance. But we all have them, so I’ll be brave and list a few of mine– 1) I think and talk too much about Hamburg, having lived there as an exchange student and often wishing I had never had to go back “home” to America. So, I remain a divided person, feeling like I left a huge part of myself in Hamburg (which is how I found you, I was surfing for blogs written in/about Hamburg). 2) I wish there was a song called “I left my heart in Hamburg,” and I wish Tony Bennett would sing it. 3) I can’t sit still. I’m always twirling my feet at the ankle, a weird little habit that my husband finds endearing. I recently learned at a family reunion that this is an inherited trait, and that a number of my cousins do this, too. My aunt tells me we all started twirling shortly after birth. The plus is, we have very strong, flexible, and shapely ankles. 4) I tend to write random responses on blogs of people with whom I discover I have random things in common. (English teacher, having lived in Hamburg/speak German and I’m learning French, dear husbands who cook, love linguistics/languages, love travel, don’t love the smell of pot…) 5) I have a wisdom tooth that came in like a tiny fang. My dental hygienists think it’s just the cutest little thing (and I’m thankful they’re the only ones who can see it). 6) I like Lawrence Welk reruns. Seriously. And I would never, ever have expected this of me. 7) I once screamed so loud at a mouse I’m pretty sure I gave it a heart attack. It cowered, shivering and quaking and then it keeled over. I felt bad about that.

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