Is it Christmas?

This website is hilarious. It’s simple yet effective.

You certainly wouldn’t know it from the shops! Don’t get me wrong; I love Christmas and am secretly already thinking of decorating and ornament making ideas. But it’s still a bit shocking to see the Christmas cookies, chocolate Santas, and full displays of red and green Christmas decorations in the shops.


I popped into Nanu Nana, a cheap décor / gift shop next to the train station just to look around, and I was amused to see they already have three full shelves dedicated to Christmas stuff, as you can see in these quick iPhone photos I tried to take without many people noticing.


Has Christmas popped up in stores around you yet?


10 thoughts on “Is it Christmas?

  1. we were just in the grocery store today and saw that the cookie section now featured a table of Spekulatius, Lebkuchen and other Christmas cookies. So it seems that Christmas is coming early here too.

  2. Grocery stores full of Christmas foods. See ornaments in windows of gift shops. But then again, anywhere that caters to tourists will have Christmas ornaments. Walked by a Kathe Wulfahrt the other day and stuff was flying out of there. Husband had to hold me back. I hate her and secretly love her.

    • Oh my gosh, Kathe Wulfahrt is like crack for me. I love going in there…I bought myself two ornaments there last year and also picked up a German-style cuckoo clock ornament for my parents.

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