My Halloween party last Friday was a blast. I went as a garden gnome, and it was a very easy costume to whip up last minute. I got some thick felt for the hat, cut them into triangles, and sewed them together. I used normal black and yellow felt to make a belt and buckle, which I just safety-pinned closed. And of course a fake beard (I should have done a mustache, too, but that would definitely have been harder to deal with!). I wore one of Tobi’s blue dress shirts with some green pants & brown boots. The last accessory was the flower, which we’d gotten with one of our wedding gifts as a wrapping embellishment. I like to think that the oversized flower helped make me look smaller.

Everyone said my costume was pretty cute.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of it, but I did snap one from the PhotoBooth on my Mac before I left the house.


For actual Halloween, I had to work but decided to wear my old skeleton t-shirt. (Which I often wear as pajamas!) Here’s a picture of me wearing it at the beach this summer:


All the bones are labeled with their names.

Did you dress up for Halloween?


3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Very cute costume.

    I didn’t dress up. But my granddaughters went as little red riding hood and granny. The 5-year-old was a perfectly darling red; the baby was incredibly funny as granny. Her mom drew spectacles on her face and put a little gray wig on her, with a granny sleeping cap. One of the cutest costume duos ever.

    (When I lived in Germany, no one paid any attention at all to Halloween.)

  2. Love the garden gnome costume. Very clever!

    I went as a witch this year purely because I found tights with red spider webs on and was determined to wear them!

  3. The garden gnome costume is quite brilliant!

    I was traveling on Halloween this year; I flew out of Frankfurt on the morning of November 1 for a few weeks in the US. This meant that I spent Halloween night in Frankfurt though, and I did pop into the Irish pub near the Bahnhof for a little while. I saw Zombies doing Christmas songs on the karaoke machine. I will never ever be able to unsee that. 🙂

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