Tobi’s Exhibition

Last weekend we had a great turnout for the gallery opening of his exhibition, Das Glück Hängt an den Bäumen! (Happiness hangs on trees)

The portraits are from workers who harvest apples that are donated by locals around Hamburg who have too many trees than they know what to do with. The organization, Das Geld Hängt an den Bäumen (money hangs on trees), gives people with different mental handicaps jobs, and the apples they make are made into juice. (Very delicious juice, too! We had some at our wedding!)

Here are some snapshots to show you what the exhibition looks like!


It was a great evening! I think the best part was reading what people wrote on the tags to hang in the tree. Very diverse ideas of happiness!

For those of you in the Hamburg area, you can still see it until November 16th. The gallery, raum linksrechts, is open from Thursday to Saturday from 5-8 p.m.


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