Dreaming of Christmas…

I was really excited this past week when I saw this truck in the pedestrian zone in my neighborhood. They were hanging up the Christmas decorations in the trees in preparation for the Christmas market that will make its way into town in just 15 days!


That’s right! Most of the Christmas markets start on the 25th of November this year. (For a list of this year’s Weihnachtsmärkte in Hamburg, click here!) SO EXCITED!

So I’ve been browsing Pinterest a lot for ideas for Christmas. And it’s high time that I actually make something that I’ve pinned! I want to make some more Christmas ornaments this year for our tree, and I’m really excited to be spending Christmas in Hamburg in our own apartment this year. Very different than our Christmas in Bali last year! (And exactly around this time last year, I was beginning my Early Christmas celebrations!)

Here’s my inspiration list for this year:

Christmas tree banner & Tree Ring Chalkboard Ornament & Washi Tape Christmas Tags & Twig & Cork Reindeer & Christmas Sheep & Salt Dough Ornaments

I’ve always wanted to try the salt dough ornaments. Maybe I’ll make my very own Christmas slug and carry on the family tradition.

Here are some past ornaments I’ve made, back from 2011.


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