Christmas markets & new fish

Okay, there are a few things to catch up on since last week! So here we go!

First Christmas markets of the year!

First up, on Sunday the 17th, we went to the Scandinavian Christmas markets at the Seemannskirchen. Each “sailor’s church”, located on Ditmar-Koel-Straße near the Landungsbrücken metro, started off the Christmas season with Christmas markets that started earlier than most of the other ones in Hamburg! On the Sunday we went, we visited the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish markets. There’s a Finnish one, too, but it wasn’t set to open until the following Thursday. We started with Sweden, and we took a few minutes to visit the church upstairs and sit and enjoy the Christmas trees there.


Then we headed downstairs and looked at all of the little crafts, ornaments and food they had for sale. We then made our way to Norway, where they had a nice outdoor café area where they sold Glögg, elk burgers, and waffles. (We tried an elk burger – it was special! Served with sauerkraut and lingonberries!) You had to pay 1€ entry fee for the Danish one, but we went inside anyway – and you could use the ticket for a discount at their café, so Tobias got a little snack there. The churches were all very different, but similar things were being offered at each one. I liked the Swedish one the best, so we went back there again. Tobias had a glass of Glühwein there and we both had some sort of pastry. It had a nice, cozy atmosphere. Then we headed home, full of the Christmas spirit. :)

One fish to three!

Second, those of you who follow me on instagram have already seen a picture of our two new fish! I came home from work on Monday evening and asked Klaus (our remaining fish) how he was doing, as I do every time I get home, and when I flicked on the lights, I was utterly surprised to see two more fish in the bowl! Tobias wasn’t there, so I called him immediately and replayed my reaction for him: “Oooooohhhhh!”


They’re a little different than Dr. Klaus, but hopefully they’ll become good friends anyway. It took us a while to come up with names, and I received some extremely good suggestions on instagram and facebook, but in the end I couldn’t get past the one silly name I’d picked out for the blue fish: Blucifer. I was trying to think of names that had some connection to the word “blue”, and somehow the word “Bluecifer” crossed my mind and made me laugh really hard. “But no, we can’t name it that,” I kept saying. (Blue + Lucifer…the name of the devil, after all!) But then it stuck. We now call him Bluecy for short.

The other one’s named Suki, and that also has a silly, long story behind it. She (I’m calling her a she) looked like salmon nigiri, so I thought I’d see what the Japanese word for “salmon” was. It’s sake, just like the drink. And I didn’t like that name, and I didn’t quite like “Sushi” either. And then Suki was the next best idea!

Don’t worry, we’ll be giving our child a proper name. ;)


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