Oh! Christmas tree!


On Tuesday this week, Tobias came home and surprised me with a Christmas tree! We’d had plans to go get one this Saturday, but now we’ve already got one! He was way out near Poppenbüttel to teach at a school (a volunteer thing he did for a project) and he saw this gorgeous tree at a flower shop there. He had it wrapped up and brought it home with him on the train! (Not on his bike, like previous years!) Except the netting was coming off and the bottom branches of the tree sprung open, making it much harder for him to carry it!

I was sitting on the couch when he arrived, and he came in, pulled me up and led me to the door and instructed me to close my eyes. He opened the door, I opened my eyes and voilà! A Christmas tree!

It’s a really great one he picked out, and I can’t wait to decorate it this weekend!!


See? So happy!



2 thoughts on “Oh! Christmas tree!

  1. I love Christmas trees~! My itty-bitty little fake Christmas tree has really brightened up the holidays for me. I just feel cheerful when I see it every day.

    I just started following your blog. I found it on some kind of expat blog website. I’m also an expat, in Korea. I look forward to reading more. – Marina

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