Tree’s up!

We put our tree up on Sunday! Here it is – our biggest tree yet! It really stands out pretty far into the room!





11 thoughts on “Tree’s up!

    • Marina: Yes, they are! They’re pretty even when not lit. Sometimes we use those yellow ones, sometimes white, sometimes red — it was a Sunday when we put our tree up though and since the shops were closed, we were lucky to have a box left over from last year!

      The only thing is, this tree’s bigger than the previous ones and it’s missing electric lights down at the very bottom layer! I kind of want to get another strand and spruce it up a bit…

  1. It is a beautiful tree! I didn’t even notice the lights missing at the bottom until I read your response to the other reader! It looks really nice. Oh, and I loved the pun about “sprucing” up your tree, even if it isn’t a spruce tree! :D

    • Ha – I didn’t even know I’d made that pun! Totally unintentional!
      We made the (probable) mistake this year that we didn’t saw off the end before we put it in the stand. It’s not “drinking” much…hope it doesn’t dry out too soon.

  2. Sweet!

    Do Germans regularly put up trees this early? In my family, back in the 1970’s, they waited until Christmas eve, and we children had to remain in our bedrooms while the parents decorated the “surprise.”

    • Nope! We’re the weird ones who put up the Christmas tree “too early”. I enjoy seeing the looks of shock on people’s faces when I tell them we put up our tree last weekend. Most German families don’t put it up until Christmas Eve, or at the earliest a few days before that.

      I think some of my friends are secretly jealous, though they’d never admit it. ;)

        • I put my tree up around November 10th this year. I love Christmas and Christmas trees and wanted to enjoy it for longer, so I thought, “Why not?” And I haven’t regretted it since! But, I’ve often fantasized about moving to some sort of Christmas village or opening my own year-round Christmas shop. Probably not the smartest investment, so I’ll have to wait until I win the lottery for that one!

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