Salt dough ornaments


This year, I decided I wanted to make some salt dough ornaments. My mom had done this with her roommates before she got married to my dad, and we still to this day have a few of the ornaments, the most notable one being the Christmas slug.

One of my friends was also up for it, so Franzi came over one Friday night and we enjoyed making some ornaments together while listening to Christmas music.


The dough is simple: 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water. You knead it together, then roll it out to whatever thickness you want. We then used cookie cutters to make various shapes. The best part was definitely having some letter stamps for baking cookies, like these. We had fun dreaming up things to stamp on the ornaments. And we used a large toothpick (skewer, actually) to make holes to hang them from.

All they need after that is to dry – and you can expedite that in an oven set at a low temperature. We left ours in a little too long, actually, so some of them bubbled on the back, but it definitely made the words we stamped stand out more.



I also made a Christmas slug of my own to carry on the tradition, but I have yet to paint it, so it’s not hanging on the tree just yet. I’m happy with leaving the other ones with a more natural look, but I’m sure they’d look nice painted, too!


I think the ornaments add a really nice touch to my Christmas tree this year! Franzi even made a few to use as gift tags for presents. I think that’s also a fabulous idea! And they were so fun, quick and simple to make!


Have you ever made salt dough ornaments before? If not, now’s the time to try it out!

8 thoughts on “Salt dough ornaments

  1. These are great! You can make some with cinnamon, too – they’ll still be natural, but darker and will smell wonderful, too! As you know by our Christmas slug, these things last a very long time – yours are so beautiful! I’m glad you had a chance to do something fun that will become a family heirloom! You may want to use a straw to poke the hole, because as it dries the hole becomes smaller and it’ll be hard to get a ribbon through. Although you could always put thread through it using a needle – that would work, too! Beautiful work, Sarah!

  2. I made a salt dough snowman when I was wee. It then stayed in my mom’s bathroom (for some unknown reason) until we moved out of that house when I was in high school. I had forgotten about that, it was so long ago…

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