Our Shared Advent Calendar

This year we decided to do an advent calendar where we alternate days on opening little presents.


I set up the shelves in our living room with some shiny, glittery wrapping paper and a strand of lights taped up around them. I used one wrapping paper for Tobi’s gifts, and he used another for mine, making it easier to find which present is which. And I got some mini Christmas tree clothespins with numbers on them to use on the presents, too.


It’s a nice little thing, and we’ve really enjoyed opening presents every other day! We get so excited, just like little kids!


The only big downside is that the tape isn’t holding the lights very well; they keep falling down. Perhaps mini suction cups would be a better solution for next year if we do the same thing. For now I just keep sticking the tape back on and waiting for it to fall off again.

Do you have an advent calendar this year? 


10 thoughts on “Our Shared Advent Calendar

  1. I love it 🙂 I got an advents calendar from my boyfriend this year as well (actually the first one after I made one for him last year) but he is a mathematician and he wanted me to “work” for my presents so he wrote all the numbers on them in mathematical expressions. It was fun on one hand but some of them were really hard to solve if you are not used to it. And I can totally understand your excitement… It’s the same for me each morning!

    • Oh my gosh, I would just die if my husband pulled something like that on me. I’m hopelessly awful at math! Haha! Great that you could figure it out! Definitely have to know your audience… 😉

  2. Your Advent calendar looks so cute! It’s my me and my husband’s first Christmas in Germany, and we are also doing the homemade advent calendar thing, where we each open a gift every other day. It’s been so much fun! Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Amy! It’s so fun, isn’t it? Did you grow up doing anything like that? We didn’t really until later — I think I was in middle school? — when my mom got a wall hanging that has a Christmas tree on it and little pockets with mini ornaments inside to safety pin on the tree every day.

    • They’re there all year round, but the glitter background is new! They’re actually the first thing we put up on the wall when we moved into this apartment! They’re from a wardrobe that my husband used as a desk in his old apartment, and because they’d been out of the desk for so many years, they no longer fit back in! So we used them as shelves instead.

  3. So cute! I made Jan a “mini” advent calendar from 8-21 December because those are the days he’s actually in the country! I don’t have one this year because he went away in November and never got round to arraning mine.

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