Don’t blink!


Anyone else feel like the Christmas season is just rushing by?! I feel like if I blink once, I’ll miss it. I’ve looked forward to Christmas all year – the lights, the tree, the shiny ornaments, Schmalzkuchen, gingerbread, and the stockings. It’s my favorite! And it’s even more special to be experiencing that while my little one kicks around inside. I feel so very blessed.

But still, we’ve got less than 2 weeks now until The Big Day. (And that day before The Big Day that the Germans all like to think is the main event. I’m just lucky I get two special days of Christmas…three if you count “the second Christmas Day,” as the Germans call it…also known as December 26th.

It all goes by so fast! This weekend will be busy, too. I’m looking forward to the company Christmas party tonight. There’ll be steak, lots of singing and joke-telling, and lots of drinking. Not for me, of course, but it might be fun to be one of the few sober ones there. Ha!

Tomorrow Tobias is playing cello in Bach’s Weihnachtsoratorium (Christmas Oratorio) out in Elmshorn, and I’m planning on going to that. It will be lovely!


2 thoughts on “Don’t blink!

  1. For me, Christmas time is just stress time! Customers go mad with requests for translations that absolutely MUST be done before the end of the year, and in my free time I spend weeks trying to get gifts bought, Christmas cards written and sent, etc. then it’s all over within a few hours. The only things I look forward to are Lebkuchen, Christmas markets and (eventually) time off!

  2. Christmas in Germany is just better (in my opinion). Congratulations on the little one. And you’ll have get used to the acceleration of time, because after little ones, it REALLY warps into something very Star-Trekky. But somehow, it remains lovely. Enjoy the concert.

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