Some new ornaments!

Here are just a few of my favorite new ornaments for our tree this year!IMG_2725_zpsd935db09These Dutch clogs we brought back from Amsterdam on my birthday trip. They were originally a keychain but when I bought it, I knew it’d be perfect for our tree! A nice way to commemorate our lovely trip!

IMG_2719_zps56b9f9ccMy mother-in-law sent us a package of Christmas/birthday things for Tobias. This lovely pinecone star was in it–I’ve never seen anything like it before! So pretty!

IMG_2715_zpse5e8f9fbI got this glittery, vintage-looking Santa at the local idee shop. Back in November. Or maybe the end of October. Lol.

Yesterday, I hit up a nearby thrift store called Hamburgs Kleinstes Kaufhaus. They had ornaments on sale for 20¢ each! I picked up 5 of them:

IMG_2711_zpsdb1bfa29A little pinecone lady…

IMG_2714_zps265ae5e6Two of these shiny gold and silver cellophane baubles…

IMG_2717_zps3d44d383A mini pinecone and berry wreath which was probably designed to be a candleholder because there’s a lot of red and green wax stuck to the back of it…

IMG_2744_zps46baa806And a sweet little angel with broken wings.

And today I’m wearing one of my many pairs of Christmas socks…IMG_2706_zps84aca4b9

And showing off the bump a little bit with the shirt I got for last night’s Christmas party. This time with jeans instead of a skirt:

IMG_2741_zpsc1de832dThis shirt’s going to get a lot of use this holiday. I joked last night that I’ve got my very own portable disco ball! Shine a flashlight at me and I’ll be the life of the party!

7 thoughts on “Some new ornaments!

  1. the idea to use the cloggs as ornaments! How cool is that? I will be back in Hamburg for christmas so I usually don’t have an own tree here. And enjoy your time with the discoball 😉

    • Yeah, I’d never seen anything like it! It’s kind of hit-and-miss with presents my mother-in-law gives us. They’re usually kind of old-fashioned. This was one of the good ones!

      I have quite a big collection of Christmas socks. 🙂

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