Christmas 2013

This year’s Christmas was our first time spending the holiday in Hamburg. It was really a special time, especially since this will be our last Christmas before baby!

Christmas Eve



We went to the 4:30 pm service at Christianskirche, then went to Sülldorf to spend Christmas Eve evening with Matthias, Ariane and Émile. We had a nice fondue dinner (and a delicious salad!) and then opened a few presents and watched Émile play with his new Brio train tracks.

Afterwards, we went to an 11:00 pm church service in a cow stall where they acted out the Christmas story. It was great, but I felt dizzy and nauseous halfway through and Tobias stood outside with me while I caught my breath. Probably a combination of a heavy meal and the smelly stall/allergies, but I felt a lot better in the fresh air.IMG_3227





Christmas Day

Christmas day was really relaxing and lovely. We slept in a little bit, then made my family’s traditional Christmas breakfast: cinnamon rolls, bacon and orange juice. It was perfect.



We opened our stocking wishes after breakfast. Some had come true, others hadn’t really, and others were a bit different than we had anticipated, but it is always nice seeing what we write each year. We were late on writing ours this year (in July or August?!) but it was long enough that we’d forgotten exactly what we’d written. It’s a nice tradition that I definitely plan on continuing.

Tobias had a photo project to do before he lost daylight, so we just opened the presents for Baby Stäbler that my parents sent us and then took a break until later, when we Skyped with my family and opened the rest of the presents they sent us.


Baby got some funny onesies!


And a book about sloths and a sloth stuffed animal from Uncle Peter, who says he’s on a mission to make sloths our baby’s favorite animal. I love the sloth and have already cuddled with him a lot — he’s so soft! We’ve named him Fauli (FOW-lee), after the German word for sloth, faultier. (“Lazy animal.” Gotta love German’s literalness.)


Later in the evening, we lit the real candles on the Christmas tree and opened our presents to each other.




The most creative one was because the actual item hadn’t been delivered yet, so it came in the form of a puzzle:


I opened the picture of the Mini first, so I was really confused. Next was the cotton pad, separately wrapped. And then the last part of the puzzle was an egg, or, in German, ein Ei. Put it all together, and Tobias got me an iPad mini! Wow! Can’t wait for it to come in and to start playing with it!

We just relaxed the rest of the evening and watched Mr. Bean’s Christmas again. (I’d given it to Tobias as part of his advent calendar, and I have a feeling it will become a yearly tradition to watch it. It’s so funny!)

So that was our Christmas! The following day, we went to Bielefeld to visit Tobi’s family, and then we spent a week over New Year’s down south in Wilhelmsdorf, visiting family there as well.

Now we’re back in Hamburg and though it was nice to be away, we’re both really glad to be back to our routine again and back to our own apartment and eating habits. :) Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas, too!



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