Welcome 2014

It’s funny how a new year brings with it the feeling of wide-open possibilities. In reality, it’s just another day, just another page turned on the calendar. But already I find myself dreaming big for this year and with that comes the desire to simplify things a bit.

I’ve had this itch for a while now, but now the motivation is even stronger to get things rolling.

Here are my list of intentions for January:


Three things doesn’t seem like a lot, but wow. It’s a lot to do! But it’s just a matter of finally doing it and not losing steam. Writing it out actually makes me feel a bit defeated already, ha!

But I’ve already started on #3 with making an art piece for baby boy’s room. I just need a good frame. But maybe I’ll combine that with my IKEA trip for #2. We’re probably going to get a PAX wardrobe for the bedroom. I’m hoping to go next Friday or Saturday. We’ll see. And we’ll be taking down the tree sometime this week to get started with #1. So far so good for only 5 days in.

Anyone else feel any extra motivation this month? Any goals, big or small?


One thought on “Welcome 2014

  1. Our decorations are coming down tomorrow… always leave them up til the 6th! Then it’s time to put them away til December and get all the clutter cleared away! Even though we weren’t here for Christmas, gifts that don’t have a home yet have managed to clutter the place up… must get that sorted tomorrow before I go back to work!

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