Dentist day


I’m headed off soon to go to the dentist’s office. Last week, Tobias noticed he had an appointment for a cleaning that he couldn’t keep, and when I realized I didn’t have any classes on that day, he suggested I go to take his place. I haven’t had my teeth professionally cleaned in…oh I don’t even know if I’ve ever had it done, actually! I’ve had plenty of dentist’s appointments and procedures done (I have bad teeth; so many fillings!), and I have this problem with novocaine…it takes a lot higher dose to make it work on me than it does for normal people.

So part of the reason I’ve had so much fear about going to the dentist is related to the fact that every time I have something done, there is sudden pain in the middle of the procedure, and they have to stop and numb me again before they continue.

Because I know this, I have come to expect it every time. And I become really tense in anticipation of the pain that I know is coming. I’ve even sat in the chair crying before anything had even happened. (Poor dentist! He’s a nice guy, though!) But you know what? Fear of pain makes actual pain much worse!

Dealing with fear

In preparing to give birth in a few months, I’ve been reading up on hypnotherapy. I know it sounds crazy, but after reading about Rubyellen’s positive experience with hypnobirthing, it really intrigued me. I bought the book and have started practicing various calming techniques from there, and now I think the dentist’s office is the perfect place to apply some of these. Seth-Deborah Roth at also had some really good tips on using self-hypnosis at the dentist’s office. I especially want to avoid being too stressed out and panicky, which certainly is not great for the baby’s sense of well-being. So for me and for my little tenant, I’ll be trying something new today.

Besides the cleaning, I have a regular check-up right afterwards. I already know from the last time that I have quite a lot of work to be done (a tooth or four need implants, and someday my wisdom teeth need to come out…ugh!) but I had to stop last year because of insurance purposes. Now that it’s a new year and I’ve had my additional dentist insurance for 3 years, I’m not limited by price anymore. I won’t be having much done while still pregnant, but in case there’s anything quick and/or urgent that needs doing before the second half of this year, I’m there and he can do it.

Anyone else ever tried any self-hypnosis for dentistry, birthing, or otherwise dealing with pain management?

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