So many tabs!

I’ve got an insane amount of tabs open on my Safari. 33 altogether. Anybody else out there do this, too?

I thought I’d share a bit what kinds of things I’m currently looking at online.

Baby-related tabs:

I always read various growth charts and weekly updates. I keep these open and change them every week to see the baby’s progress. Here are my favorites:

  • Family education (daily updates!), my baby blog‘s tickers, Pregnology, Just Mommies printable pregnancy calendar,  WebMD pregnancy calendar, EHD pregnancy calendar, Spacefem pregnancy calendar (shows list of weeks, months and percentages!), i-am-pregnant weekly update.
  • I also have this post up from Kveller about a special Jewish prayer that touched my heart and I read that prayer every day after checking the daily updates, as a reminder of how blessed I am and what a gift it is to be carrying this child. “Blessed are you, O Eternal our God, for giving us life, for sustaining us, and for enabling us to reach this amazing time.” A true reminder to be thankful.
  • I’ve done this pregnancy yoga video a few times in the past week as I’ve noticed that my back is starting to ache. I’ve gained 8 pounds so far and am definitely noticing my weight distribution is different!
  • I bought a lamp frame and want to make my own fabric lamp for the baby’s room. So I’ve been browsing on Frau Tulpe, a great fabric shop nearby that has wonderfully cute, creative and fun patterns! Deciding on a final choice is the hard part! I also have tabs up on Stoff and Co and Kiseki, looking at more fabrics.
  • And various information on Hypnobirthing – youtube videos, people talking about their experiences, etc.

Other tabs on other topics:

  • This Krippenschiff nativity card / ornament my friend Susanne designed. I missed it for this Christmas, but I think I will order one for next Christmas!
  • This lovely version of I’ll Be There For You (the Friends theme song!) truly gave me the chills.
  • About 10 tabs open about the Malm bed from IKEA. We were there yesterday and are considering getting a new bed. We have the low Malm but there is no good way to store stuff under the bed, which we’d like to be able to do. So we’re thinking about getting the high Malm bed and in a bigger size (which would of course mean more costs because we’d need a new mattress and everything).
  • Pizza stone comparisons. I got Tobias one for Christmas but wasn’t able to get it before Christmas, and now we are trying to choose the best kind so I can go ahead and buy it.

And there we have it.


5 thoughts on “So many tabs!

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Kathleen! This one looks great. I don’t know much about pizza stones, but I feel like it should be a thick one – and this one looks pretty awesome!

  1. It sounds like we’ve gained about the same amount of weight and while it’s all belly for me, I just feel like I’m not as steady and back/feet pain is beginning! Just ordered a prenatal workout DVD from Amazon so I’m excited to jump on exercising and hopefully reduce some of the pain. I’ve been thinking of looking into hypnobirthing….is it something that you think you might pursue?

    • Funny how that happens, right? It’s all belly for me, too. I need to get into the habit of doing my workouts more often. I’d love to join a class, but nothing fits into my schedule at the moment and so I’ll have to wait until I start maternity leave to do a fitness class. So for now it is practical to just do some yoga here at home.

      I’ve heard great things about both hypnobirthing and hypnobabies. I won’t be taking a hypnobirthing class (although this does exist in Germany, too!) but I have read the book and have started practicing. It’s probably easier if you take the course, but I’ve heard from women who have only read the book and done their practice and it’s worked for them, too. I think it all comes down to taking the time to practice. It’s weird because I feel strange telling people that I’m into the idea, but I’ve read enough from other women who’ve tried it to pique my interest. I’m going to give it a try!

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