Let there be PAX!

20134_cost11a_415_PE363002_zps81d61ff3(Picture from IKEA)

Well, we can cross that one off the list!

Kind of. Still have to wait for delivery and then I’m sure it will take hours on Saturday to assemble it all. But we went to IKEA last weekend and got ourselves a PAX wardrobe!

It was funny, because we saw one in the showroom that we really liked…so we just wrote down the number and had the sales associate order pretty much that exact same closet as was in the showroom. I know you can customize it however you want, but it was too overwhelming with all of the various options, and when we saw it, we liked it and that was that. We did tweak a few things so that both sides of the wardrobe will be the same – his and hers – and as luck would have it, they had all of the pieces in stock right then in the warehouse!

Since we had traveled there by metro, we decided to pay the extra 130€ or so for delivery, so we’ll be getting our boxes sometime on Wednesday morning!

So we’ve got our work cut out for us. It’s going to be a lot of work to get all the drawers put together and then installed and everything. And before that, we’ll have to take everything down (the LACK shelves and EXPEDIT cabinets that are already hanging there), move all our clothing racks, and make some room to get it together.

We got the PAX Korpus in brown-black (which is the same color as our dining room table) and two of the doors are the AULI (mirrors) and two FÄRVIK (white glass) with  aluminum-colored frames.

Upgrading the bed, too?

We were hoping to get some under-the-bed storage while we were there, too, but as it turns out, the MALM low bed frame that we have is too low to fit anything underneath it! That’s why IKEA has since produced a higher version of the MALM bed and even has special roll-out boxes for storage that fit with the bed frame.

Of course, we could just try out a DIY technique to raise our bed to allow for additional storage. But we wonder if while we’re at it, we might as well just upgrade to a bigger, wider bed anyway. It’d be an additional cost with having to also get a new slatted bed base and mattress, but our mattress is pretty old anyway, and with having a baby and everything…we’re adults now. We’re allowed to upgrade to a big bed, aren’t we? (Maybe it will cut down on the amount of times we accidentally whack each other on the head in the middle of the night…just two nights ago, I accidentally hit my head onto Tobi’s poor head!)

So now what we’re trying to decide is if we should get the white MALM or the brown-black MALM to match our wardrobe. I feel much more aesthetically drawn towards lighter, airier bedrooms…and I’m afraid the black-brown will be too dark. But it would coordinate well with the side (and insides) of our PAX. And besides, that’s what the one in the showroom was, too. We also both like the fact that the black-brown one looks more like wood, whereas the white one looks just like paint. But I’m still not sure I’m totally convinced. I’ve always had a white bed frame and don’t want to regret switching! (Umm, can we say first world problems?)

Here are a few pins from Pinterest to give you an idea of how they look.



What’s your preference? The white bed frame or the black one?


3 thoughts on “Let there be PAX!

  1. Fun! We just moved and are looking for a new bedroom set. I’m suffering from decision fatigue myself. ;)

    I looked at the beds at Ikea, and I wasn’t too fond of their black-brown options. Since the black-brown is just a veneer over a lighter colored wood, any nicks in the veneer are really obvious. One of the showroom models I was looking at had all kinds of obvious dents and nicks in it.

    That said, we have quite a few black-brown Billy bookcases and I really like the dark look. We’re looking at dark-colored options for our bedroom set — I’d lean that way out of personal preference. :)

  2. I also have the Malm bed. I suspect it’s one of their most popular bed styles because it’s got nice simple clean lines. Mine looks pretty much exactly like the dark wood one you have pictured there, but it’s dark brown and not black.

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