My favorite room

IMG_0722 Ever since we installed the PAX wardrobe, the bedroom has been my favorite room in the house. Especially when it’s so sunny – it just puts a big smile on my face!

We put our old EXPEDIT shelves next to the bed for additional storage and a temporary nightstand. And for now we’ve got banana boxes under the bed filled with…SHOES! Until we can get some under-the-bed storage boxes (preferably ones that close to keep out dust!), these banana boxes will do just fine.IMG_0743

Obligatory bump in the mirror shot…rocking those slippers! (@ 26 weeks)


And here’s some art for the baby’s future corner of our room. “See The World” print is from December Baby Designs on Etsy (now discontinued, but similar designs available!). The elephant collage is homemade by yours truly – it was my first project for the baby, inspired by this pin.

Now to just get the rest of the rooms cleaned back up and organized. We did manage to clean a lot before going on vacation. Thankfully. Coming back to a clean house after vacation is always preferable to coming back to a messy one! But there are still quite a few things that need doing before the other rooms feel just as nice and clean as our bedroom.


6 thoughts on “My favorite room

    • Haha so true – it’s a bit like that whirlwind of cleaning you do before company comes over for dinner. Probably won’t stay clean long, but feels so good to get things accomplished!

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