It’s that lovely month where spring is just around the corner (except it isn’t, but every shop in town would like to make you feel that it is, especially the florists selling tulips and petunias and all sorts of other springtime blossoms), yet winter is still in full force. It’s a short month, even though it’s only 2-3 days shorter than the other months, and it tends to fly by fast. There is talk of Valentine’s Day, with its reds and pinks and candy hearts. There may be snow, but that’s okay, because you’ve brought flowers inside to brighten things up, and if you’re lucky enough, there’ll be sun shining in to lighten your mood and give you hope for the season ahead.

I find March all that more frustrating, because it’s long and cold and you’re so done with winter ohmygod when can I finally stop wearing my parka?! This March is special, though, and we’ll see how I feel when it rolls around. Special because I begin my maternity leave at the end of March, beginning of April, and as of now there are only seven more weeks of teaching left until then. All I can say is woah. What an exciting time!

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