Valentine’s Day 2014

We had a nice, relaxing Valentine’s Day. We both worked in the morning and had a relaxing afternoon and evening to ourselves.

After work, I stopped by Oxfam (my favorite little thrift store near my last class on Fridays), expecting not to find anything, and I hit the jackpot. I got a (new!) English book for work (3€!), a cute little giraffe, a set of three onesies with cows on them in a “milk carton”, a flower pot, a few picture frames, and the German version of the Rainbow Fish.

I brought home some salad, green asparagus and bacon for lunch – accompanied by some fried eggs with double yolks! – and the supplies to make something I was craving: a pear-chocolate tart.


Tobias was in charge of the dough (chocolate dough!) while I peeled the pears, cored them, and left them for Tobias to cut. (He’s much better at that than I am.) I cut up half a block of dark baker’s chocolate and Tobias arranged everything on the baking pan. This is what it looked like before we put a top layer of dough on it:


It was fun spending time together in the kitchen, and the tart was extremely delicious. It only made it until Saturday evening. ;)

We watched a movie later that night, and I fell asleep on the couch. A nice, relaxing day it was. Minus the trip to the post office to mail off Christmas packages…ahem. But a thousand thanks to Tobias for coming with me…otherwise I might not have mailed them until next Christmas! And somehow just being there together to complete such a mundane errand felt romantic on Valentine’s Day. That’s true love right there.

Oh yeah, and we also got some mealworms for the fishies, because it was Dr. Klaus’s birthday! He made it one year with us! And yes, of course we sang the “Happy Birthday” song to our fish. Ha. Way to go, Klausi!

I hope you all had a nice Friday, too, whether or not you’re a Valentine’s Day fan! Did you do anything special or nice?


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2014

  1. We don’t usually make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. It irritates us that the price of flowers skyrocket to double and triple their normal price! Besides, even after 20 years, every day is Valentine’s Day for us.

    But this year my husband surprised me with the sweetest gift. He had found a the kind of jewelry chest in a second-hand store that he had been looking for, for years (I didn’t know this) It’s a free-standing cherry-wood chest nearly 4-feet tall, with multiple drawers and doors, perfectly organized. He was able to sneak it into our bedroom and set a yellow rose on top of it. Very romantic. I cried a little tear.

    • Oh my goodness, Tracy! That’s soooo romantic! :-D Especially that you had no idea he had been looking for it for that long. So sweet!

      Exactly. The flower thing is pretty crazy. And I was always a big fan of February 15th when you could get those awesome heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for half off. Ha!

      It’s far more wonderful to be surprised with romantic things on any day. Actually, I was sick this past Wednesday (24-hour stomach bug…fun!) and when he went out to get rice, toast and pretzels, he brought me back home a little green plant! I’d shown him the week before that I wanted to get that plant for our bedroom, and he teased me because he thought it was the ugliest plant in the store. He’s not a fan of succulents either, but because I love them so much – like this plant, too – but because it makes me so happy, it makes him happy, too. Now that’s love!

      • :) That IS love. Glad to find another romantic heart (isn’t love grand!)

        I think you’ll like this poem (my own Mr. Wonderful bought me a succulent too, a number of years ago, and it inspired poetry).

        Two Gifts

        It was terra-cotta inside, outside
        sun-washed like a villa in Italy.
        It pleased me, as it pleases me
        when he asks me what I think.
        Every morning he gets up before me
        and he prepares our tea.
        One morning tired, rinsing
        my Tuscan teacup I knocked
        it against the kitchen faucet.
        The teacup he gave me.
        I gathered ochre shards
        trashed them on last night’s romaine
        that morning’s spent tea leaves.

        I said nothing. But later
        finding it broken and trashed
        he spoke one word. Oh.
        He rinsed the shattered fragments
        dried them, glued them together.

        Today he brought home one
        miniature cactus haloed
        in thorns bursting
        from center circles. He potted those
        potentially maiming barbs—
        he tamed them in my teacup.

        Hoping you’re feeling great.

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