German charm


Nothing like a threatening German poem to keep away prospective rose thieves:

“Wer Rosen stielt, der wird verbrannt
und wird an’s Teufels Galgen g’hangt.”

Saw this down near the Bodensee (Lake Constance) at the beginning of this year. Translated: Whoever steals roses will be burned and hung on the Devil’s gallows. Good thing for the scary message, because the Gartenzwerg looks pretty friendly himself.

Reminds me a little bit of Struwwelpeter.


2 thoughts on “German charm

  1. I find Gartenzwerge a little creepy, so for me the poem fits well with the seemingly friendly creature.
    Just found your blog via Elise’s blog and have added you to my favorites. I’d like to follow along!
    Have a lovely weekend! E.

    • Haha yeah, Gartenzwerge can definitely go either way, Elisabeth! ;) I made my own Gartenzwerg costume for Halloween last year, but compared to the others at the party, I was not one of the scary ones!

      Thanks for following!

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