I’ve always wanted to make a terrarium. I remember there used to be a huge one at my grandma’s house back in the day, one that my mom had made for her. There was colored sand art at the bottom, and dirt and plants on top. I remember playing with it sometimes, putting action figures or something inside.

Anyway, I had a few dilapidated-looking succulents that needed a new, bigger home. So I decided to make a mini terrarium of my own. I first gathered a bunch of rocks we’d collected on our last trip to the Baltic Sea and added them to the bottom of a glass bowl and just stuck the succulents inside.


Not the best way to make a terrarium, for sure, but they seem to be doing all right in there. Look how weird the stem is on that echeveria – that’s from growing towards the sun! Better than in their tiny little pots they were in before! And a very satisfying 5-minute project.


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