Friday links


Finally Friday again! Busy weekend ahead for us, but I’m looking forward to catching up with a good friend and our church’s annual Karnevalsgottesdienst! (A church service, German Karneval – like mardi gras – style!)

Have a happy weekend!

TO MAKE: Crocheted baby blanket – I’ve started something similar for baby boy!

TO TRY: Crocheted baby beanie – I tried my hand at making a hat (using a different YouTube tutorial) and it turns out it was too big and fits my own head! Want to try this tutorial for a baby-sized head!

TO INSPIRE: Power Hour by Gretchen Rubin – Technique for tackling those nagging tasks that steal your joy!

TO DO: Bullet Journal – I so want to try this. Maybe I’ll do it in my Power Hour this week.

TO LAUGH: These fun, quirky illustrations by Jacques Maes. I especially liked the sheep wearing wool sweaters!

TO PARTY: Make a big banner like this for your next birthday party!

TO COOK: Jalapeño artichoke dip – Mmmm!


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