Midwives & Karnevalsgottesdienst


I’m so excited to see the sun this morning!

Even better, we just met with a Hebamme (midwife) this morning. She came to our house to get to know us, explain the process, and answer any questions we have. And we decided she was nice (and actually reminds us a lot of our neighbor across the hall) and decided to book her! So that is one BIG thing to cross off my to-do list. It’s been stressing me quite a lot lately not having one and feeling so late to the game, so it’s good to get that out of the way and to have found a nice one! So excited!

Anyway, we had a nice weekend. Tobi had a test photo shoot and I hung out with friends in Lüneburg. We played Cards Against Humanity and I laughed so hard it hurt!


And yesterday was our church’s annual Karnevalsgottesdienst (see my post from my first one a few years ago). It was fun, as usual! Everybody had such interesting and creative costumes! This year, Tobias and I dressed up as each other on our wedding day…so I wore his suit, and he wore my wedding dress! Ha! There was also a guy there from the Hamburger Abendblatt (the local newspaper)…and we got a phone call from a friend this morning because apparently we made it into the story for the newspaper. Great! Will have to pick one up later and see how it looks!


Silly, right? 🙂

This is the beginning of my last month of work before maternity leave. It’s an exciting time and a busy time. I just looked through a bunch of pictures on my iPhone this morning from last spring/summer, and I’m really looking forward to this week of slightly warmer temperatures. Warm for March, at least!

Bring on the spring!


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